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With their days numbered, a group of people struggle with the inevitable apocalypse after a comet is scheduled to hit Earth...


Jamie Winton (Mathew Baynton) works as a bank manager in Slough, living with his best friend Dave Bosley (Joel Fry) and his adoptive mother Paula (Pauline Quirke). Before the comet hits, Jamie vows to find his wife, Layla, who disappeared seven years ago, and his biological mother. In one of many revelations that occurs before the comet strikes, he learns that he has a twin brother named Ariel Conroy (also played by Baynton).


Meanwhile, Rhonda MacNeil (Jenna Fischer) is imprisoned in New Mexico after taking the blame for a hacking crime committed against the NSA by her son, Spike. There, she meets a white supremacist named Leanne (Megan Mullally).


In Washington D.C., Rhonda's brother, Scotty (Kyle Soller), and his boyfriend, U.S. General Arnold Gaines (Paterson Joseph) are working to stop the comet that will cause the apocalypse.


In The Vatican, Father Jude (Rob Lowe) and Sister Celine (Gaia Scodellaro) work to find the potential Antichrist and the world's savior. In the end, as explained at the beginning of the series, these people will come to be in a bunker together under Slough as they watch the apocalypse on TV.




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