Pauline's Academies

In 2007 Pauline opened her very first Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts. PQA is now teaching over 5000 children across the country the delights and disciplines of comedy and drama, musical theatre, and film & television.

Pauline is represented by Steve Sheen at Quirky Media. Please contact or call +44 (0)1494 445448

I started The Pauline Quirke Academy (PQA) because when I was younger some of my happiest times were spent in drama classes. Looking back I can see that the skills I learnt and the friends I made are really where it all started for me, so i wanted to re-create that opportunity for a new generation of young people. I hope we can welcome you into the PQA family soon.


Since 2007, PQA has given 4-18 year olds outstanding training in Comedy & Drama, Musical theatre and Film & Television along with:


  • Specialist Masterclasses
  • Quirky Kidz Agency
  • West End Shows
  • Poppets Classes for 4 & 5 Year Olds
  • Trinity College London Exams
  • Film Festivals
  • Creative Stages Reports
  • Local Cinema Screenings
  • Showcases
  • PQA Online Cinema


The PQA model has been carefully created by people who work professionally in the performing arts arena and academic sectors, ensuring our classes deliver high educational values combined with realistic industry practices meaning our students enjoy the best possible performing experiences.


It is important to understand that PQA is not a franchise, your local Academy is run by an experienced, dedicated team who have the passion and drive to deliver a really different performing arts education. Everyone who works with PQA undergo a rigorous recruitment process before being provided with the support and training that enables them to work at the top of their game helping your children reach the top of theirs, learning skills that are valuable for everyday life, not just the performing arts.





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